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What We Do

The American Myalgic Encephalomyelitis and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Society, AMMES (pronounced “Aims”), is primarily focused on the needs of patients, such as how to find a doctor, helpful treatments, where to find support groups and organizations, how to get assistance applying for disability, advocating for patient interests, and providing reliable information to patients, their families and caregivers, and clinicians.

Through the Physician and Clinic Database, patients can find contact information for ME/CFS specialists and helpful clinicians, as well as ratings and reviews.  Patients are encouraged to leave feedback on doctors they have visited, as well as to recommend helpful clinicians, through our Contact form.

The Treatment Database provides information about the more than 200 medications used to treat ME/CFS. Anyone with ME/CFS can leave feedback on medications they have taken. Sharing information about the effectiveness of medications is an invaluable aid to other patients.

AMMES supports advocacy efforts for patients. You can find links to current advocacy efforts and events on Action Alerts 

Educating the medical and public health community is crucial if patients are to receive appropriate care and treatment. AMMES’ outreach efforts – including the dissemination of materials and a speakers bureau – are aimed at medical schools, physicians’ organizations, and public health departments, with the goal of increasing their knowledge of ME/CFS. Over 3,000 research abstracts and articles can be found in our library, as well as press releases, events, and news articles for those who wish to learn more about the disease.