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Treatment Database

Although it is routine for doctors to prescribe drugs to help alleviate the symptoms of ME/CFS, patients may respond in unpredictable ways. Specialists report that it is common for ME/CFS patients to have paradoxical responses. For example, an anti-anxiety drug may produce anxiety. Patients may also be unable to tolerate the normal dosages recommended for the general population.

For these reasons, many patients turn to alternative treatments and modalities, such as herbal formulations, yoga, acupuncture, and others. Unfortunately, very few studies have been performed on the efficacy of these treatments for ME/CFS patients, despite their popularity.

The Treatment Database offers a means for patients to share their experiences with others in the ME/CFS community – patients, caretakers, and clinicians – about pharmaceuticals, natural remedies and other alternative treatments.

How it Works

Patients enter their treatment experiences on a brief form. How patients rate the treatment – including side effects and overall satisfaction – can be viewed on an easy-to-read table.

A search bar is included on every page that will allow you to search for a specific treatment either by typing in a few letters or by browsing through an A – Z. There is no cost, and you don’t have to be a member to view information on the database, or to fill out the form to rate your experience.

Parents of ill children may enter treatment information for their children.

Information about treatments is invaluable for ME/CFS patients, so please share your experience!

If there is any treatment that does not appear in the Treatment Database, please contact us through our contact form.

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