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The world is hugged by the faithful arms of volunteers. ~Terri Guillemets

Volunteers make the world go round. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, about 62.8 million people volunteered through or for an organization at least once in 2014. That’s 25.3 percent of the population 16 years and older. Based on the Independent Sector’s estimate of the average value of a volunteer hour ($23.07 in 2014), the estimated value of this volunteer service was nearly $184 billion.

Volunteering is a profoundly rewarding experience, especially if the population you are helping is badly in need of assistance. Patients with ME/CFS, many of whom were once volunteers themselves, have a variety of needs, many of which can be adequately met by a simple helping hand. For example, volunteers can offer to:

  • Transport patients to doctor’s appointments. Many patients with ME/CFS can no longer drive or take public transportation.
  • Help with forms and applications. Cognitive problems often make it difficult for patients to fill out lengthy applications and forms essential for disability or insurance benefits.
  • Do light housekeeping. Patients may deplete their energy doing simple household chores such as doing laundry or preparing meals.
  • Provide child care. Parents who are ill can often use some help caring for younger children.
  • Raise funds. Funds are always needed to support advocacy efforts and ME/CFS non-profits.
  • Promote awareness events. May 12 is ME/CFS International Awareness Day. There are many events scheduled during the second week of May to educate the public about ME/CFS.

There are endless ways to support the ME/CFS community, and your help is always needed!

Volunteer to Help Patients

You can volunteer to help individual patients in your area through the ME/CFS Connect page.

Volunteer to Help AMMES

AMMES needs volunteers! Do you have specialized knowledge in IT, fundraising, writing, editing, website maintenance? We can use you! We also need help with updating website information, answering emails, and putting together our monthly newsletter. To volunteer for AMMES please go to the Contact Us page.